Individual Psychotherapy

Whether brief and solution-focused, or open and exploratory, your psychotherapy should meet your needs, at your pace, with specific goals agreed upon in treatment.  My role is to help you identify these goals, and to facilitate a path toward change, resolution, and well-being.  I evaluate your situation, past and present, your immediate concerns, and may suggest traditional or non-traditional interventions and collaboration with doctors, psychiatrists, nutritionists, body workers, sponsors or other professionals. I believe that successful engagement in life is a skill that can be cultivated at any age. Trained in brief relational psychotherapy and long-term psychoanalysis, my overall treatment approach is collaborative and active.   I work to help you identify your unique response patterns to emotional distress, and together, we devise productive solutions to problems in relationships and situations.

Special Interests

There are inevitable transitions we all encounter in life and unforeseen happenings that force change.  Changes in life, even very painful ones, provide valuable opportunities for positive transition and personal growth.  I help facilitate adjustment to situations such as family separation due to adult children leaving home, or disruption and loss due to job loss or divorce, chronic illness, elderly caretaking, and bereavement.

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Continuing Education

In my practice, I am committed to my own ongoing, continuing education, and keep informed of current trends and research in various fields influencing our understanding of the “change process” in psychotherapy.   Exciting contributions from neuroscience include our current understanding of the development of emotional intelligence, and self-regulation as tools for managing stress.

Workshops and Supervision

I am available for psychotherapy supervision of social workers, counselors, and psychologists.

I am also available for community speaking engagements related to my expertise and experiences.  Please contact me to discuss your educational needs and how I might be of service.



I have been a Visiting Nurses Association volunteer in Clinical Services for the CT Shoreline in Guilford.  I have participated in the Bereavement and Hospice program for in-home bedside music assisted support services. In addition, I’ve led 9 week walking groups called, “Comfort in Motion” for individuals experiencing grief.

Pet Assisted Therapy

I am a Registered Volunteer/Handler Team with my dog, Roscoe, for Pet Partners, a nationally recognized animal assisted therapy organization.  Pet Partners trains volunteer teams of handlers with their pets to provide therapeutic support for adults and children in such settings as nursing homes, hospitals, and learn-to-read programs.